Finnero Ratia Soft Collar

Finnero Ratia Soft Collar


Stylish RATIA soft martingale collar with a extra smooth fleece padding, detailed with Grafico pattern. The padding protects the dogs neck and it is comfortable to wear and gentle for the dog`s fur. Easy to put on. Reflective stripe for extra safety.


Grafico Dog International pattern designed by renowned Finnish designer RISTOMATTI RATIA



● Martingale collar for more control without choking

● Soft fleece padding makes it comfortable for your dog

● Quick and easy slip-on collar

● Available in neck sizes 25 cm to 65 cm

● Designed in Finland


The right size of a martingale collar depends on the width of your dogs head (please measure the widest part of the dogs head).

Please see the referential size chart below.


Wash in 30 degrees.


Size cm (inches) (head circumference) + Breed recommendation (referential)

* Size 0 (25-32 cm or 9.8-12.5 in) -- Toy Poodle, Italian Greyhound

* Size 1 (30-37 cm or 12-14.5 in) -- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

* Size 2 (35-42 cm or 14-16.5 in) -- Jack Russel Terrier, Beagle

* Size 2,5 (40-47 cm or 16-18.5 in) -- Daschund, Welsh Corgi

* Size 3 (40-50 cm or 16-20 in) -- Collie, Irish Setter

* Size 4 (40-55 cm or 18-22 in) -- Doberman, Golden Retriever

* Size 5 (50-60 cm or 20-24 in) -- Boxer, German Shepherd

* Size 6 (55-65 cm or 22-25.5 in) -- Newfoundland


FinNero Oy Ltd was established in Finland in Spring 2016 by two women with a passion for cats & dogs.

Our main focus is to design and manufacture the SOFTEST, the most COMFORTABLE and UNIQUE LOOKING products for pets.