Max Tux (Copy)
Max Snow (Copy)
Max Tinsel (Copy)
Max Smile (Copy)
Max Puppy (Copy)
Max Buttercups (Copy)
Max Blanket (Copy)
Max Couch (Copy)
Max Nose (Copy)


Lead Product Tester

Max is a pure bread Siberian Husky with all the bounce and enthusiasm you'd expect, Max heads up our testing squad. 

Max is responsible for our love of snow dogs; he joined the family as a pup in 2014.

Lexie Shades (Copy)
lexie (Copy)
Lex Snoot (Copy)
Lex Snow (Copy)
Lex Rosett (Copy)
Lex Hall (Copy)
Lex Couch (Copy)
Lex Close up (Copy)
Lex christmas (Copy)
Lex Bride (Copy)
Lex Boot (Copy)


Senior Product Tester

Lexie is a Siberian Husky cross Malamute we rehomed in 2017, she is a big cuddly bear who likes nothing more than to snooze on the couch.

Lola rosett (Copy)
Lola post op (Copy)
Lola Odd Couch (Copy)
Lola Nappy (Copy)
Lola Harness (Copy)
Lola Hall (Copy)
Lola Garden (Copy)
Lola Couch (Copy)
Lola (Copy)


Strength Tester

Lola is a Husky cross Akita, she hasn't had an easy start in life, in July 2019 Lola came to her 4th and final home with us. She is a whirlwind of energy that just wants to be loved, all that energy and strength is great for putting our products to the test.

Wedding dogs (Copy)
Me Dogs Beach (Copy)
Me dogs christmas (Copy)
Lola back dog show (Copy)
LEx woods (Copy)
Lex Me Boot (Copy)



Michelle loves and is dedicated to spoiling the pups rotten and can often be found cuddling the pups and mushing with them on her scooter.

Neil Max Sky (Copy)
NeiLex Pub (Copy)
Neil Lola Couch (Copy)
Max LEx Neil Beach (Copy)
Max lick Neil (Copy)



Neil has had many breads of dog growing up but always wanted a Husky, finally he got Max and the family expanded from there. As you can see from the pics he loves a cuddle with our furry family.