Ocean Sport Leashes

Ocean Sport Leashes


Do you ever have situations, where you would need different lengths for leash?


OCEAN SPORT ADJUSTABLE LEASH  110 - 185 cm  (43" - 73")
The OCEAN Sport adjustable leash can be adjusted at shortest of 110 cm (43") and at longest up to 185 cm (73"). The OCEAN SPORT leash has a soft padded neoprene handle for a comfortable grip and reflective stripes enhance your visibility in the dark.

OCEAN SPORT CITY LEASH  120 cm  (47.24")
The OCEAN Sport CITY leash is handy when walking your dog in the center of a busy city. With shorter city leash it's easier to handle your dog in the crowded places. 

OCEAN SPORT DOUBLE LEASH allows you to walk two dogs at the same time. The durable alloy ring ensures the leads won't get tangled. Both leads are independently adjustable making it especially useful when walking two different size dogs. The handle has soft neoprene padding.

* Durable alloy ring to guarantee non tangle of the leads
* Both leads are independently adjustable (120 - 200 cm / 47 - 78.74 in)
* Padded handle for comfort and firm grip
* Handle has reflective stripe for better visibility in the dark

Maintenance of the leash:
* check and clean the alloy ring from sand or dirt
* wash in 30 degrees

We recommend the double leash for small and medium size dogs (max. 30 kg), but can be used with calm big dogs as well.

Hints how to use the double leash:
* leads can be adjusted to the shorter city leash measurement (120 cm / 47 in)
* or to the longer leash measurement (200 cm / 78.74 in) for walks in the country side