Finnero Brava Sport Shell Sport Coat

Finnero Brava Sport Shell Sport Coat


To keep your furry friend warm... 

Some dogs are more sensitive to the cold than others. Dogs react to the cold a lot like we do. If your dog is shivering or trembling, holding his tail close to his body, trying to seek shelter from cold winds, curling into a ball or he is hunched over with the tail tucked in are signs that the body reacts to try to keep warm.  SPORT Softshell Jacket is a perfect clothing to keep your dog warm.

Windproof and water-resistant coat has soft fleece lining that keeps the large muscle groups warm; back, chest and thigh muscles. The soft and protective collar can be adjusted to fit better. Belly piece keeps the chest and belly warm. With fully open zipper on the back makes the dressing fast and easy.

SPORT jacket:

  • windproof and water-resistant
  • warm soft fleece inside
  • breathable material (can be used in the summer as well)
  • stretches with dogs movements
  • fully open zipper on the back makes it easy to put on
  • front and both sides have reflective ribbon 
  • rubber band under the belly keeps the coat on firmly
  • collar can be adjusted
  • suits for sporty dogs due to the relatively narrow shape
  • dries quickly after wash

Cleaning tips for softshell jacket:

  • close the zipper
  • loosen tightened straps around the waist and neck
  • we recommend washing in hand warm water (30-40 degrees)
  • wash preferably with a liquid detergent 
  • use carefully any stain removers
  • do not use softener or bleach
  • tumble drying not recommended
  • straight wet jacket to dry
  • we recommend to treat the surface with suitable detergent after few washes
  • material is 100% polyester

Choosing the right size:

If your dog's measurement are between the sizes, we recommend to choose the bigger size. Please note that the breed recommendations in the size chart are for reference only. It's important to measure your own dog as there are individual differences even between same breed dogs. 

From the measurement table below you can see the sizes and referential breed recommendations. Please click here for our measurement guide.

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back length the neck the chest Breed recommendation
35 cm 38 cm 52 cm Miniature Schnauzer, Jackrussell Terrier, Fox Terrier, Pug