FinNero Bambino Collar - Puppy

FinNero Bambino Collar - Puppy


BAMBINO collar is especially designed for puppies for their first outings, but it's also perfect for small dogs and cats. The knitted ribbon is extremely light and soft, and also slightly elastic. All BAMBINO products have metallic locks and buckles.

"The STAR design reflects the new pet or a puppy as they are the brightest stars and centers of the attention of the whole family "
- designer Tuula Pekkala -

Collar measurements:

  • ribbon width 1 cm (0,39")
  • adjustable around the neck 17 - 27 cm (6.69" - 10.62")

Matching leash measurements: 1 cm x 250 cm (0,39 " - 98.4")


Wash: in 30 degrees