Brava Attention Vest

Brava Attention Vest


The ATTE attention vest is made of light and breathable mesh material with Velcro fastening on the chest and around the waist making it easy to put on or take off, the Velcro fastening gives plenty of adjustment range, Velcro has been chosen for your dog’s safety, if the dog gets caught the Velcro will release so that the dog is not harmed or trapped. It is important to ensure you keep the Velcro clean and free from pet hair to allow it to function correctly. The vest is also fitted with reflective tape all around makes the vest visible. Washable at 30 degrees, 100% polyester

From the measurement table below you can see the sizes and referential breed recommendations. Please click here for our measurement guide.

• Size • Around the neck • Around the chest
• XS • 30-38 cm • 38-45 cm
• S • 35-45 cm   • 45-55 cm  
• M • 43-53 cm • 51-62 cm  
• L • 50-60 cm   • 62-72 cm  
• XL • 60-70 cm   • 68-78 cm  
• XXL • 67-77 cm   • 76-86 cm  
• XXL • 70-80 cm   • 85-95 cm